How can I use Bakpax for Science?

Bakpax is great for short responses, but unfortunately not long responses. So, here are some ideas for how you can use Bakpax if you teach science!


Bakpax can be used to test if students know new vocabulary or if they can can use new vocabulary. You can give students definitions and ask them to write the new word, then have Bakpax grade the assignment for you! You could also have students use the new word in context and Bakpax will help you give them fast feedback as they submit.

Example Vocabulary Homework


Bakpax can recognize mathematical notation, so it is great for testing if students know formulas or can use formulas to solve problems. Give students a problem where they have to solve for a variable or decide which formula to use, then the AI will automatically grade the homework submissions. (You can even grade for units!)

Example Formulas Homework


With the manual answer submissions, you can have students draw diagrams in their homework. For earth science, have students draw out cloud formations! Have future biologists show their knowledge of cell division. Then, there are many molecular structures for chemistry and free-body-diagrams for physics!

Example Diagrams Homework


You can also use the manual answer type to grade graph responses. Some of our templates include blank graphs or you can have your students create their own graph. 

Example Graphing Homework

If you use Bakpax for science in another way, please feel free to send us more example or ideas!

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