How to export a file as a JPG

Q: Why can’t I upload my files to create an assignment?

A: At this point, the content upload feature is only compatible with JPG and PDF files. We are currently working to support other types of files. If your materials are in another format, you will need to export them as a JPG or PDF file.

Here are some steps for how to export documents as a JPG file.

For Mac:

Open your document in Preview. Then, use the "File" drop down from the toolbar to click on "Export...".

Next, change the format of the document to JPEG and save your document. 

For PC:

Open your document and then use the Print Screen command to take a screenshot of your entire screen. 

(The command may be a Print Scrn or PrtSc button. You may need to press a combination of Ctrl + Print Screen depending on your computer.)

Then, open Paint and paste your screenshot into it.

Next, use the "File" drop down from the toolbar to click on "Save as".

Select to save your document as a JPEG picture. 

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