How can I help Bakpax read my answers more accurately?

Q: How can I help Bakpax read my answers more accurately?

Printable copy of submission tips: Bakpax Submission Tips

A: There are several ways to help Bakpax read your answers more accurately. 

  1. Place your template on a flat surface in a well-lit area when taking your photo.

    When the page is wrinkled or curved, the AI will not be able to locate your answers. When the image is dark, the AI can not properly read your handwriting. 

  2. Use pen or a No. 2 pencil.

    Bakpax struggles to read light writing. Pens and No. 2 pencils will help make your responses darker.

  3. Omit circling or boxing answers.

    Do not circle or box your answer within the response section of the template. The AI will try to read the circle or box as part of your answer.

  4. Avoid overlapping letters and numbers.

    Do not squish your writing close together. If letters or numbers are overlapping, the AI can not read them properly. If you need more space for your answers, use a template which allows for a longer answer.

  5. Avoid excess writing in the answer spaces.

    When there is excess writing in the answer box, the AI tries to read it as part of your answer. Try to only write your answer in the answer box without extra marks like the ones shown below. 

  6. Avoid gaps when writing letters and numbers.

    Be sure to close letters, do not leave large gaps like the examples below. 

  7. Extend stems and tails for numbers and letters.

    Be sure to extend stems and tails for numbers and letters such as the ones listed below.

  8. Write letters and numbers in ways which the AI will recognize easily.Here are some of the errors which we have noted. 

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