Can I grade for process with Bakpax?

Q: Can I grade for process with Bakpax?

A: Bakpax gives students instant feedback. After they finish a question, many students are curious whether they got it right or wrong. That’s the time when feedback is the most useful. Students are never more interested in a question than they are at that exact moment.

It’s essential for teachers to use homework in order to keep their finger on the pulse of the class. Bakpax doesn’t replace this process; we make it better than ever. Teachers can’t memorize every student’s right/wrong response on every homework question ever assigned, or the patterns that emerge from all those collected responses. Bakpax does it for you, and presents it to you nightly in our user-friendly charts and reports.

There’s no reason for teachers to collect pieces of paper any more, because they now get a digital copy of every student’s assignment. Anytime you want to look at student work, you can instantly bring up an image of it and see what they may have done wrong. We are also developing a feature to make it possible for teachers to communicate directly with students about their responses. Please contact us at if you are interested in following these updates.

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