Can I use Bakpax for tests and quizzes?

Q:  Can I use Bakpax for tests and quizzes?

A: Yes!

If you would like to use Bakpax to auto-grade tests and quizzes, you will first have to create the assignment in Bakpax.

After the students have completed the assignment, you can either have students create an account and submit their work or you can upload all of the submissions yourself. To upload submissions as a teacher, you will first have to create student accounts using the "plus person" icon to manage the class enrollment. 

Next, assign a username and password for each of your students in the " Teacher-Driven Enrollment" section. 

Now, go to the " Assigned Work" page and select the assignment. Here, you can select students who have not submitted and upload for them.

Example Answer Sheet:

Example Test:

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