Explain Bakpax to Your Students

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Once your classroom is set up and your first assignment is available, it is time to explain Bakpax to your students. 

When explaining the sign-up process, explain that there are three account creation options available. All students will go to my.bakpax.com and then follow one of these three processes:

  • For students who have an email, they can create an account using their email. This means that they will enter their email and then receive a verification code to log in. 
  • For students who are 13 or older, they can create an account using Google sign-in. 
  • For students who do not have an email, they will log in with a username and password. They will not have to sign-up and create an account. You will give them the username and password which they can use to log in. 

**Note that students will remain logged in for up to 30 days, only being logged out after being inactive for 3 days. 

After explaining the sign-up process, be sure to give your students your class enrollment code and remind them that they need the enrollment code to join your class.

Once your students have set up their account and you are assigning your first assignment, it is important to tell students that they will need to include the four ArUco marks in their photos in order for the AI to read the responses. (These marks are in the corners of the assignment.)

As you discuss how the AI will read your student’s responses, let them know that the AI can not grade all problems. If a problem is graded incorrectly or assigned as manual grade, then the teacher will change the grade of the problem after it has been submitted. The review page which appears after the initial submission does not always show the final grade.

You can also give students a copy of our submission tips to help ensure that our AI grades assignments accurately: Bakpax Submission Tips

Lastly, remind students that they can always look at the Bakpax Help Center for answers if they have questions or email support@bakpax.com for help.

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