Create an Assignment

Now, it is time to add your first assignment. We have three options for assignment creation. Here, we will cover the Import from File option. 

You can read more about how to create an assignment from scratch here. We also have more information about how we help create assignments for you here. If you are looking to access our free content library, please read about our Discover page here.

Video Tutorial

To import your assignments, go ahead and click the My Content link in the navigation at the top of the page, and then select the Import from File option.

Currently, the import assignment feature is only compatible with image and PDF files. If your materials are in another format, you will need to export them as an image or PDF file. Most files can be exported as a PDF by selecting File from the toolbar and then using Save as... to save the file as a PDF, or you can use Export as... to export the file as a PDF. 
You can find detailed information on how to export a file as a PDF or JPG in this article.

You will then be prompted to select your assignment file from your computer.

After the file is selected, you can use our import tools to start creating your assignment.

With the import tools, you can select questions and answers from the file so that the AI can read the text and add it to your assignment. First, use your mouse to box only the question and then only the answer. A question-answer pair will render to the right of the page and you can move onto the next question.

Please note that you can only add one answer to any question with these import tools. After selecting all of your questions and answers, you can add more acceptable solutions as necessary.

As the question-answer pairs are added to the assignment, you can review how the the AI read the text. If the AI misreads one of your questions or answers, you can use the pencil button next to the chopped section to edit it before adding it to the assignment. 

You can always make edits to any question or solution after adding it to the assignment.

When all of the questions and solutions have been selected, use the Add To Assignment button to create your Bakpax assignment.

You will then land in our editor. Click on the gear icon at the top to set the assignment name, type, subject, and grade.

You will need to enter this information in order to save your assignment.

If there are multiple solutions you would accept as correct for a single question, click on the question in the editor to enter the additional solution(s). 

Once you have imported your assignment, you may want to customize the worksheet. You can add section titles, instructions, work area, images, and adjust the location of items on the page with the editor tools. Information about how to customize your worksheets can be found in this article.