Assign Your Handout

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The next step is to assign your Bakpax assignment and set it up for online submissions and/or paper submissions so that it can be autograded. To assign your handout to a classroom, open the assignment from the My Content page and click the Assign button.

You can then set the classroom and due date for the assignment. You can select to

  • hide or show the correct solutions to your students after they submit work, and
  • allow or prevent students from completing the assignment fully online.

To print the assignment, go to the Assigned Work page and open it. You can then use the printer icon to print the Bakpax handout for students who will not complete the assignment fully online. 

This handout will have four QR-like codes (ArUcos) in the corners of each page and a barcode at the bottom. These codes are necessary for the AI to autograde student submissions.

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