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To submit your handout, you must upload it to Bakpax. Uploading work is a three part process. After you log in, you must complete all three steps in order to submit your work and get your grade.

Select your assignment
Take a picture of your work
Review how the AI read your handwriting

Information about how to complete your assignment fully online can be found here.

Part 1: Select your assignment

Go to my.bakpax.com and select the student icon to login. Next, make sure you are on the Assigned Work page so that you can select your assignment. 

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Part 2: Take a picture of your work

You will then be prompted to upload an image of your assignment.

Use your phone to take a picture of your assignment. Be sure that the four QR-like codes in the corners of the page and barcode at the bottom are clearly captured in the image.

Once you have a clear image that includes all four corner codes and the barcode, submit it and watch as your image is processed. 

If the assignment is multiple pages long, you will be prompted to upload each page individually.

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Part 3: Review how the AI read your handwriting

Next, you will review and submit your answers.

When reviewing your answers, you can click on the answer text to update any answer(s) that the AI may have misread. You can then update your answer using a standard keyboard or a math keyboard.

Once you have reviewed all your answers your work will be submitted and you will be taken to the assignment page to review your grade. This page will show you which problems you got correct or incorrect and if any problems are waiting for your teacher to manually grade.

You can also see the acceptable solution(s) for each question here if your teacher makes them available. To do this, click on the question text. This will show you both your response and the acceptable solution(s). 

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