Using Bakpax Handouts

When preparing to use Bakpax to autograde assignments, you will need to use our handouts. Here is some helpful information for how to print your Bakpax handout and begin giving students instant feedback.

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Assign Handouts

Update Assigned Work Settings
Print Autogradable Handouts
Upload Work for Students
AI Known Equivalencies

Delete Assigned Work
Assigned Work Capacity

Assign Handouts

To assign your Bakpax assignment, first click the  My Content tab at the top of the screen. Now scroll down to find all saved assignments. Choose the worksheet you want students to complete and click the Assign button. You must do this in order to print a handout which can be autograded or allow students to complete the assignment fully online. 

You can then set the classroom and due date for the assignment. You can select to

  • hide or show the correct solutions to your students after they submit work, and
  • allow or prevent students from completing the assignment fully online.

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Update Assigned Work Settings

The following information can be changed for any assigned work:

  • Name
  • Due Date
  • Allowing students to see correct answers after submitting
  • Allowing students to complete assignments fully online

To update any of the information, open the assignment from the  Assigned Work page. Next, select the gear icon at the top of the page to access the assignment settings.

The assignment can then be updated or deleted from the modal.

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Print Autogradable Handouts

Once assigned, open the assignment from the  Assigned Work page and use the printer icon to print out the Bakpax handout. 

This handout will have four QR-like codes (ArUcos) in the corners of each page and a barcode at the bottom. These codes are necessary for the AI to autograde student submissions.

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Upload Work for Students

Teachers can upload work for their students. To do this, you need to go to the  Assigned Work page and open the assignment. Next, you must scroll down to view the individual student grades. Then, you can click on any student who has not submitted and upload the assignment for them.

When you upload the assignment, you can either use a phone to take a picture or use a computer to submit a saved image. 

When using a computer to submit work, one only needs an image of the completed handout downloaded to the computer. 

We advise using a mobile device to take the image of the handout.

When using a computer to upload work, teachers will browse the photos on the computer rather than using a camera to submit an image. 

If you are using the laptop or monitor-mounted camera to take a picture of their handout, you will need to watch out for the following:

  1. Clarity: Can you read their answer in the image? 
  2. Lighting: Is light coming through the paper and making it look almost see-through? Are there shadows on the page that make the handwriting illegible? 
  3. Inverted Images: Do the words appear backwards? Some computers take pictures that are mirror images of the original. That's fine for most pictures, but not for homework or tests! You can change the settings to take an "inverted" picture, which will fix this. (We are working to solve this problem on our end.) 

Here are some tips for how to remedy each of the listed difficulties.


Try to hold the page close enough to the camera so that the handwriting is easy to read. If the page is far from the camera, it tends to be difficult to read.


For optimal results, the page should be well lit.

Inverted Images

On a Mac, when you open the image in  Preview, you can select Flip Horizontal from Tools to invert the image.

On a PC, when you open the image in  Paint, you can select Flip horizontal from Rotate to invert the image.

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AI Known Equivalencies

The Bakpax AI that grades student responses knows several types of equivalencies. When you enter in one correct response for a question, Bakpax will automatically  mark correct any response that is a common variation. This means you don't need to enter in these variations as additional correct responses. See below for a sample of the many variations which Bakpax includes.

Basic Equivalency:

Letter Case: Numeric Equivalency:

Mathematical Equivalencies:

Multiplication/Division Notation:

Equation Direction:


For units, the abbreviations can include "." or not and units can be plural or not.

Example: in = in. = inch = inches

*The AI also accepts singular or plural units for answers such as "37 apples"


Weight/Mass & Volume:


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Delete Assigned Work

Please note that when you delete an assigned work, you will no longer be able to use the handout. (Each handout has a barcode which identifies the classroom and version of the assignment.)

To delete an assigned Bakpax assignment, open it from the Assigned Work page and select the gear icon.

You can then use the Delete button to delete your assignment.

To delete an unassigned Bakpax assignment, open it from the My Content page and select the pencil icon.

Then, use the gear icon to open the assignment information.

You can then use the Delete button to delete your assignment.

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Assigned Work Capacity

You can have unlimited assignments in Bakpax. These assignments can be assigned to any number of classrooms and be re-used and edited over time. 

Please note that printed handouts will only work with identical assigned works. This means that if you edit the assignment from the My Content page in any way, then an earlier version of the printed handout can not be used for future assigned works. 

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