When you first start using Bakpax, you will need to create your classroom(s). Here is some helpful information for how to create and manage your classroom(s).

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Create Classrooms
Students Joining a Classroom
Delete Classrooms
Classroom Capacity

Create Classrooms

To create a classroom, click the Classrooms tab in the navigation at the top of the page. Next, click the Create new classroom button.

You will then have to name your class and set the subject, sub-subject, and grade.

After you have created your class, you will have to create an assignment and open enrollment.

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Students Joining a Classroom

Once the Bakpax classroom is set up, students will need to join it. To do this, the classroom enrollment must be open. To open enrollment, click on the pencil icon and use the toggle to generate a class code. 

When enrollment is open, the class code can always be seen at the top of the page.

Enrollment Closed:

Enrollment Open:

When students create their account, they will need the class code to join your classroom. 

Once students have joined the class, they will be listed on the class page below the enrollment code. 

Students can also join multiple classrooms if they are in multiple Bakpax classes with one teacher or if they have multiple teachers who use Bakpax. To begin, they will need to select Classrooms from the drop down menu. 

When they open the Classrooms page, they will see a list of the class(es) they have joined. They can also use the Join Classroom button to join additional class(es.)

After the student has clicked on Join Classroom they will need the class enrollment code to join a Bakpax class.

**If your students are unable to create their own account, a teacher can add them to one classroom. If a student already has an account, a teacher is unable to add them to a class. The student would have to join the class with the enrollment code.

To add a student to a class, teachers will have to create a username-password account for the student. They can do this by opening the classroom and selecting the Add Students button.

Next, the teacher must select the Add Manually enrollment option.

This option will allow the teacher to create a username and password for each student.

Please note that students with username-password accounts will not be able to join additional classrooms. 

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Delete Classrooms

You can delete a Bakpax classroom and all of the information it contains. Please be completely sure about deleting a classroom before doing so, as restoring a classroom is a time consuming process.

To delete a classroom, open it and select the pencil icon.

You can then use the Delete button to delete your classroom.

If you accidentally delete a class and would like it to be restored, please contact us at with the following information:

  • Classroom Name
  • Email linked to Bakpax account

Please also note that it may take a bit of time for the class to be restored.

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Classroom Capacity

You can have unlimited classrooms in Bakpax. We suggest that you use different classrooms for groups of students in different subjects or at various learning levels if applicable. This is because you assign handouts by classroom.

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