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Here is a collection of tutorial videos for teachers and students. They are designed to help you get started with Bakpax. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at

Teacher Videos

Explaining Bakpax to Your Students

Watch the entire student experience from signing up to uploading the first completed assignment.
Import an Assignment

Learn how to import your assignment to Bakpax   

Customize your Handouts

Coming soon!

Adding Mathematical Expressions

Use our editor to add math expressions to assignments.
Assign and Print Your Assignment

Print a handout for students to complete. 
Create a Classroom

Set up your virtual classroom.
Open Enrollment

Make sure that students can join your classroom.

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Student Videos

Entire Student Experience

The entire student experience from signing up to submitting your first completed handout.
Upload Your Answers

Upload completed handouts for instant feedback.
Create Your Account

Sign up for a Bakpax student account.
Join Your Classroom

Join your virtual classroom.
Complete the Assignment

Fill in your Bakpax handout.
Review Your Score

View your grades.

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