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When you create assignments in Bakpax, you can customize the handouts in three primary ways. Instruction Text and Question Area Size are core features in the assignment editor. Bakpax Tips and Tricks are suggestions for how to creatively manipulate your assignment to better match the original worksheet.

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Instructional Text
Question Area Size
Bakpax Tips and Tricks

You must use Bakpax handouts in order to have your assignments autograded. A Bakpax handout will have four QR-like codes (ArUcos) in the corners of the page and a barcode at the bottom. If these marks are missing or if the handout has the word “Preview” on it, then the assignment can not be autograded.

Instructional Text

You can add instructions at four different levels to help students navigate the assignment.

Image 1: Instructional Text on Demo Handout

Suggested Use Suggested Length Default Setting Where to Add Components
Sections Separate large groups of questions Short Blank Section Menu Subsections
Subsections Separate small groups of questions Short Excluded Section Menu Instructions
Instructions Describe how to determine a few answers Varies Excluded Section or Subsection Menu N/A
Questions Describe how to determine one answer Varies Blank* Section or Subsection Menu N/A

*Please note that if you Import from File, then the question field will be filled in.

Where to add items: 

1. Sections: Use the Section menu to add additional sections.

2. Subsections: Add subsections from the Section menu as well.

3. Instructions: An instruction item can be added from either the Section menu or the Subsection menu.

4. Questions: The Section menu or Subsection menu can also be used to add questions.

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Question Area Size

You can adjust the size of each question by changing the number of columns, altering the answer box height, and/or adding various amounts of work area. 

Image 2: Question Sizing on Demo Handout

Suggested Use Suggested Setting Default Setting Options Where to Add
Columns Manipulate Width 2 Columns Auto Adjust 1, 2, or 3 Section Menu
Answer Box Manipulate Height Extra-Short Extra-Short Extra-Short, Short, Medium, or Long Always Included
Work Area Manipulate Height Small (when work is required) Excluded Small, Medium, or Large Question Menu

Where to add items:

1. Columns: Use the Section menu to set the number of columns of question to 1, 2, 3, or let Bakpax auto- adjust given the content.

2. Answer Box: Increase the answer box height from extra-short to short, medium, or long.

3. Work Area: Add a small, medium, or large work area from the Question menu.

4. Images: Add an image that supplements a question such as a figure or graph

A prompt will arise to insert an image from your computer.

Choose which ever file you want to insert and the image will pop up below the question.

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Bakpax Tips and Tricks

Try vertical and horizontal ordering to optimize spacing:

Note that in order to space questions vertically like the example below, C, S, and Xe must be written as a single instruction separated by blank space. Questions will always be ordered left to right. Bakpax is working on updates that will allow for easy column customization in the future.

Create white space with "enter" or "tab" to further customize spacing:

Add white space for your Instruction and Question items rather than using our preset spacing. You can create work area or empty space for inserting images with external editing software.

Send us your assignments and we'll import them for you with "Magic!":

Play with the advanced setting in our Math Editor to create tables, symbols, and more:

Here are some examples of the items you can create using LaTeX in Advanced mode. Detailed instructions on how to format items can be found here .

Tables and Matrices:

Blanks, Boxes, and Custom Font Sizing:

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