Complete the Assignment Online

To complete your assignment fully online, go to and select the student icon to login. (Information about how to upload a paper submission can be found here.) 

Next, make sure you are on the  Assigned Work page so that you can select your assignment. 

After you have opened the assignment, choose the  Complete Online option.

You will then be prompted to complete the entire assignment. While doing so, you can read through sections and instructions, type in your answers, and see your progress as you complete the assignment. You can also skip ahead and go back to questions that you are unsure about before submitting. 

Please note that once you start an assignment, you must complete all questions and submit. If you exit the assignment in the middle of working, your progress will not be saved.

Once you have reviewed all your answers and submitted your work, you will be taken to the assignment page to review your grade. This page will show you which problems you got correct or incorrect and if any problems are waiting to be manually graded by your teacher. 

You can also see the acceptable solution(s) for each question here if your teacher makes them available. To do this, click on the question text. This will show you both your response and the acceptable solution(s). 

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