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Video Tutorial

Select " Bakpax Student" when you go to

Then, click on " Create an Account" to set up your account.

Next, you will have to enter your birthday.

 After that, you can select a login method. If you are younger than 13, you can only create an account using passwordless signup. If you are 13 or older, you also have the option to use Google to create your account.

If you are younger than 13: If you are 13 or older:

For passwordless signup, enter your school email address or your phone number and click continue. We will then send you a verification code. Enter this code into the login screen to log in. 

You will then be prompted to agree to our terms of use, 

and enter your full name to complete your account. 

That’s right, no password required! We use a new, more secure, way of giving you access to your account. It’s called “Passwordless Signup” and all you need is an email address to receive a secure and unique code every time you need to login. You can read more about the security of passwordless sign up here.

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