How Bakpax Works

Create a Virtual Classroom

Invite your students to join your Bakpax classroom. You can send students an invite email by importing existing Google Classrooms OR give your students a class code that they can use to join your class.

Details about Creating and Managing Classrooms can be found here.

Make or Find an Assignment

Either add your own assignments to Bakpax using one of three methods OR explore our free library of ready-made assignments. 

Details about how to add your assignments to Bakpax can be found in our Creating Autogradable Assignments How-to Guide. More information about how to use our free assignments can be found in our Discover Free Assignments How-to Guide.

Assign Work to Students

Set up your assignment so that students can submit work. You can control the submission window and allow/prevent online submissions, viewing of the correct answers after submitting work, and retries.

Details about assigning work and the available submission settings can be found in our Assigning Work to Your Classrooms How-to Guide. 

Students will Submit Online or on Paper

Online Submissions Paper Submissions
Students have four options for entering answers to questions. These options will be available for all questions and are outlined below. (Full details can be found in our Submit Work Online article.)

  • Draw Answer: Just draw your answer on the screen. 
  • Take Picture of Answer: Take a picture of your answer written anywhere.
  • Text Keyboard: Use your standard keyboard.
  • Math Keyboard: Use our math keyboard

Students submit an image of each page of their assignment. Bakpax will process the image(s) and convert their handwriting to digital text. Students just have to review their answers and submit them. 

Read about how students can submit work in our Getting Student Submissions How-to Guide.

See Results and Trends

As students submit work, you can see their grades instantly and the class trends will update as well.

See more about student results in our Reviewing Student Results How-to Guide.

Give Personalized Feedback

If you would like to leave feedback for individual students, you can always do so from their individual results page. Students can see these comments at any time when they login and view their results.

Learn how to give personalized feedback in our Reviewing Student Results How-to Guide.

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