Enroll students

Give Students Class Code

Once your Bakpax classroom is set up, you need to provide your students with the class code. After signing up for Bakpax, your students will be prompted to enter this code to join your classroom. 

For students under 13 years old, please acquire the appropriate parent/guardian consent before inviting them to use Bakpax. You may find our sample consent form helpful.

Watch Students Join

Once students have joined your class, they will be listed in the classroom. 

Details about enrolling your students can be found in our Managing Your Student Roster How-to Guide.

Consent for Students Under 13

We comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and rely on teachers to acquire the appropriate parent/guardian consent before collecting any personal information from students under age 13. We ask that you acquire parent/guardian consent for two reasons: 

(1) We believe parents/guardians should be aware of how their child’s personal information is being used at school.

(2) Granting consent gives the parent/guardian the ability to better control the student's data after they have moved on to other grades.

Bakpax assumes that you have acquired the appropriate parent/guardian consent before inviting students to use the app. Here is a sample consent form which you can use.

Thank you so much for the help!

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