Managing Your Content

How do I manage My Content?

Create Folders

You can manage your assignments by creating folders on the My Content page. To create a folder, scroll down the page and click on the folder icon.

Please note that we are planning to continue building our folder feature. We are still working on allowing you to

  • rename folders
  • delete folders
  • move folders

If you are interested in these features, please email us as to let us know. We love hearing from our teachers. 

Name Folders

When you create a new folder, you will name it and then use the Create button to save the folder.

View Folders

All of your folders will appear at the top of your My Content assignments list. 

Move Assignments

To move an assignment into a folder, open it from the My Content page and click on the folder icon in the upper right corner.

Select Folder

You can then click into the folder you would like to move the assignment to.

Move Assignment

Once you have clicked into the folder, use the Move Here button to save the assignment’s location.

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How do I preview an assignment?

Go to Assignment

To preview an assignment, open it from the My Content page and scroll down the page to see the embedded preview.

Select Printer Icon

You can also click on the printer icon at the top of the page to view a print preview of the assignment. This will show where the page breaks.

Select Preview Only

To just preview the layout, select the Preview Only option.

Please note that the Preview Only copy of an assignment will not be autogradable. It will have a red watermark on it that reads "Preview: Assign to Classroom before Printing." You will need to assign work to a class in order to print out an autogradable handout that does not have this watermark.

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How do I edit my assignment settings?

Open Assignment Settings

To edit an assignment, open it from the  My Content page and select the gear icon.

Edit Assignment Settings

You can then change the following assignment information.

  • Assignment Name
  • Assignment Description (Only visible to teachers)
  • Type
  • Subject
  • Grades
  • Font Size
  • Share status

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How do I delete an assignment?

Open Assignment Settings

To delete an  unassigned assignment, open it from the My Content page and select the gear icon. (To delete an assigned assignment, or Assigned Work, see our Assigning Work to Your Classrooms article.)

Delete Assignment

You can then use the  Delete button to delete your assignment.

Confirm Action

You will then be asked to confirm that you would like to delete the assignment.

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How do I duplicate an assignment?

Go to Assignment

To duplicate an assignment, open it from the  My Content page and click on the double square icon in the upper right corner. You will then be taken to the editor where you can make changes to the new copy of your assignment.

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How do I add a new assignment?

Create Assignments Using Four Options

You have four different options for creating or finding Bakpax assignments. Details about each option can be found in our Creating Autogradable Assignments and Discover Free Assignments How-to Guides. A summary of each can be found below.

New Assignment

Use our assignment editor to create Bakpax assignments. You can customize the page layout while adding instructions, a variety of types of questions, images, and work space.

Import from File

Use our import tools to grab all of the text from your existing assignments and add them to the Bakpax assignment. No typing required. Just upload a PDF or image version of your assignment, crop the text, and we'll add it to your assignment.


We will import your assignments to your account for you. All you have to do is send your assignment and answer key to We will convert them into autogradable handouts that you can use with your students.

Please send your assignments with at least 3 business days for creation and keep requests to 5 or fewer assignments to help us meet everyone's needs.


Find ready-to-use assignments for your classroom. The Discover library has free assignments for a variety of grade levels, subjects, and concepts. There are textbooks, Bakpax Getting Started Collections, and assignments made by teachers who use Bakpax in their classrooms. Search through the available content by subject or grade level to find something to use with your students.

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How do I share my assignment?

Go to Assignment

Open your assignment from the My Content page and click on the link icon to share your assignment. You will then be prompted to turn on sharing so that your assignment will be available in our Discover library for other teachers to use.  

We review all new content before posting it to the Discover library, so please allow up to 48 hours for your assignments to show up for other teachers.

Use Share Link

After sharing your content, you can send someone your assignment share link so that they can use your assignment. This link will allow others to use your assignment before it is posted to the Discover library or if they do not want to locate your assignment in the Discover library.

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How do I favorite an assignment?

Favorite Assignments

You can favorite assignments by opening them from the My Content page and clicking on the heart icon in the upper right corner. All of your favorited assignments will show up on the favorites tab of your My Content page. 

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