Discover Free Assignments

What free assignments can I use in my classroom?

Discover Library

Find ready-to-use assignments for your classroom in the Discover library. These are free assignments for a variety of grade levels, subjects, and concepts. There are textbooks, Bakpax Getting Started Collections, and assignments made by teachers who use Bakpax in their classrooms. Search through the available content by Subject, Grade Levels, Keywords, or Common Core Standards to find something to use with your students.

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How do I find free assignments for my subject and grade?

Filter by Subject and/or Grade

Go to the Discover page and search through the content by subject, grade level, title, and/or Common Core standard.

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How do I use free assignments in my classroom?

Select Use in Classroom

When you find an assignment you would like to use, click on the Use This in Classroom button.

Copy or Edit Assignment

You can then select to copy the assignment as-is to your My Content library or edit the assignment and add it to your library.

You can always edit assignments at any time even after they are copied to your My Content library.

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How do I find assignments that someone else created?

Search Teachers Section

You can find assignments created by teachers who use Bakpax in the Teachers section at the bottom of the Discover page. Use the See All button to search through all of the teacher-created content by teacher name. 

All new assignments are reviewed before they appear on the Discover page. Please allow up to 48 hours for assignments to show up after they are shared.

If you are looking for a specific assignment that another teacher created, you may want to ask them for their share link. (Details about share links are included below.)

Use a Share Link

You can also find assignments from another teacher if they send you their share link.

Getting a Share Link

To get a share link for an assignment, open it from the  My Content page and click on the link icon to copy the share link to your clipboard.

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How do I add my assignments to the free content library?

Turn Sharing On

Open your assignment from the My Content page and click on the link icon to share your assignment.

Confirm Sharing

You will then be prompted to confirm that you would like to turn on sharing by selecting Yes, Make Shareable. 

We review all new content before posting it to the Discover library, so please allow up to 48 hours for your assignments to show up for other teachers.

Use Share Link

After sharing your content, you can send a teacher your share link so that they can use your assignment. This link will allow others to use your assignment before it is posted to the Discover library or if they do not want to search for your assignment in the Discover library.

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