Is Bakpax free?

How much does Bakpax cost? 

Bakpax is free for teachers and students.

Do you offer group pricing or discounts for groups of teachers?

For school and district licenses, please contact us at

How long are you offering free access to Bakpax?

Bakpax’s content library, paper-to-digital conversion, editing toolkit, and our unique autograding service will continue to be free for teachers and students. 

We are working on a premium package for schools and districts rather than charging teachers.

How much do student subscriptions cost? (Will they cost money?)

Bakpax is free for teachers and students.

There is no subscription fee for a student account. A teacher can have as many classrooms as they need, and as many students enrolled in each class as needed, as part of their subscription. Students will enroll (or be enrolled by their teacher) into their relevant classrooms.