How Bakpax Works

Complete work online or on paper and get grades instantly:

View Assignments

After signing up, you can see your classes and assignments listed in Bakpax. You just have to click on an assignment to either complete it online or turn in your answers from the worksheet. 

Details about how to view your assignments can be found in our Viewing Assigned Work How-to Guide. 

Online Submissions - Four Options for Entering Answers

You have four options for entering your answers to each question:

  • Draw Answer: Just draw your answer on the screen. 
  • Take Picture of Answer: Take a picture of your answer written anywhere.
  • Text Keyboard: Use your standard keyboard.
  • Math Keyboard: Use our math keyboard

Details about how to complete assignments online can be found in our Submit Work Online How-to Guide.

Paper Submissions - Upload and Review

Submit an image of each page of your paper assignment. We will process it and convert your handwriting to digital text. You just have to review your answers and submit them. 

Details about how to complete assignments on paper can be found in our Submit Completed Worksheets How-to Guide.

See Your Results Details

Once your work has been submitted, your grade will be broken down so that you can see how you did.

Details about to review your grade and continue working on your assignments can be found in our Reviewing Results How-to Guide.

Keep Trying or Ask for Help

You can even retry problems you get wrong and/or see the correct answers if your teacher turns on these features.