Joining a Classroom

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How do I join a classroom?

How do I leave a classroom?

How do I join a classroom?

Enter Your Class Code

To join a classroom, you will need the 6-digit class code from your teacher. This code will start with a "C." You can then enter it when you sign up for an account or by navigating to the Classrooms page to join additional classes. 

During Signup

When you sign up for Bakpax, the last screen of the signup flow prompts you to enter your class code. Just type in the code and you will join your first class.

From Classrooms Page

To join additional classes later, you will have to navigate to the Classrooms page. 

Join New Classroom

You can then use the Join New Classroom button to enter your additional class code(s) to join the additional class(es).

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How do I leave a classroom?

Email Bakpax Support

If you accidentally joined the wrong classroom, you will need to contact Bakpax Support to let us know. You cannot currently leave a classroom. Please be sure to include the following information so that we can remove you from the classroom:

  • The email, phone number, or username that you used to sign up for Bakpax.
  • The name of the classroom you would like to be removed from.

If you would like us to build a feature that allows students to request to be removed from a class, please let us know through our Product Portal. We love getting feedback from our community and want to make sure we are working on highly requested features.

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