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How do I download and print the assigned work?

How do I submit work that I completed on a printed worksheet?

How do I download and print the assigned work?

Go to Assigned Work

To download and/or print an assignment, first open it from the Assigned Work page. Then, click on the download button in the upper right corner.

This will download a copy of the worksheet to your device so that you can complete it digitally or print it out.

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How do I submit work that I completed on a printed worksheet?

Go to Assigned Work

After completing a digital or printed worksheet, open the assignment from the Assigned Work page to submit your work. Then, click on the Upload Completed Work button to begin the submission process.

Here are some submission tips to help ensure that the AI reads your handwriting as accurately as possible: Bakpax Submission Tips

Upload Your Work

After selecting Upload Completed Work, you will be prompted to submit your assignment. Once a clear image is submitted, Bakpax will process it.

Capture the Key Codes

To submit a clear image, you can use the camera on your mobile device to take a picture of your handout or select a saved image from your desktop device. Either way, you must be sure to capture the four QR codes in the corners of the page and the barcode at the bottom. The AI will use these codes to identify the assignment and locate the answers. 

Upload Pages Individually

If the assignment is multiple pages long, you will be prompted to upload each page individually.

Review Your Responses

After the entire assignment has been uploaded, you can review how your handwriting was read and update your answers if they were misread. 

Edit Answers as Needed

When reviewing answers, you can click on the answer text to update any answer. You can use either a standard keyboard or a math keyboard to edit your answers. 

You should use this review process to make sure that all of your handwriting was read accurately. This is when you can correct any answers that may have been misread or could not be read by the AI.

See Your Results Details

Once you have reviewed all of your answers, your work will be submitted and you can see your grade. Each problem will be marked as correct, incorrect, or with an apple icon. Any problem marked with an apple icon needs to be graded by the teacher. 

Please note that if a problem appears to have been graded incorrectly, your teacher has the ability to update the grade. In this case, you can click on any problem and then request a regrade.

Your teacher may also allow you to retry problems or view the correct answers. If this is the case, you can click on any problem to select these options and continue working on the assignment.

Details about the options mentioned above can be found here.

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