What types of equivalencies does Bakpax know?

Bakpax Answer Equivalencies

The Bakpax AI that grades student responses knows several types of equivalencies. When you enter one correct response for a question, Bakpax will automatically mark the following common variations as correct. This means you don't need to enter these variations as additional correct responses. 

If another type of equivalency would help, please let us know. We love receiving suggestions via our Product Portalas they help us prioritize highly requested features.

Basic Equivalency

Letter Case: Numeric Equivalency:

Mathematical Equivalencies

Multiplication/Division Notation: 
Equation Direction: 



Weight/Mass & Volume: 


For units, the abbreviations can include "." or not and units can be plural or not.

Example: in = in. = inch = inches

The AI also accepts singular or plural units for answers such as "37 apples"