Canvas Integrations

How do I export grades to Canvas?

Go to Classroom

To export grades from Bakpax to Canvas for all of the assignments for a single class, open the class from the Classrooms page. 

Assign Student IDs to Bakpax Students

Next, you need to make sure that your students have their Canvas Student ID on their Bakpax profile. To do this, click on each student name and add the Canvas Student IDs.

Select CSV Icon

You can then use the CSV icon in the upper right corner to prepare the spreadsheet download. 

Download Spreadsheet

Once the spreadsheet is ready, use the Download button to view the class results.

Import Grades to Canvas

Finally, you can import the CSV spreadsheet to Canvas on the Grades page for the Course.

Additional information about how to import grades to Canvas can be found in Canvas’s “How do I import grades in the Gradebook?” article.