How do I create the dynamic layout for my assignment?

Q: How do I create the dynamic layout for my assignment?

A: When you add or edit your assignments, you can customize the layout by adding instructional text at various levels and adjusting answer box sizes. 

  1. Instructional Text
    1. The section and subsections can be used to name problems or add instructional text to a set of problems.
    2. Question text can be added for specific problems

  2. Answer Boxes
    1. The number of columns of answer boxes can be adjusted.
    2. The answer box size can be adjusted to short, medium, or long.
    3. Work area can be added to any question.
  3. Grade Value
    1. Each problem can be assigned a point value (each problem will automatically have a value of 1 point)

Once you have saved your assignment, you can preview it.

After you have finished creating an assignment and assigned it to a class, you can select the printer button at the top of the assignment page to it print out.

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