Can I enter my assignments manually?

Q: Can I enter my assignments manually?

A: Yes. In order to enter your assignment manually, click the “Create” link in the navigation at the top of the page and then select the “New Blank Assignment” option.

This will prompt you to add the assignment name, specify the class which the assignment is for, select a due date, set the active status, and set the solution showing status. The assignment name will be what the students see when they are submitting work.

Now it’s time to add questions to your assignment. Once you click the “Add New Question” button, you’ll come to this screen:

First enter the question number. This should be as specific as possible. If the question has multiple parts with specific solutions for each part you will have to enter them as separate questions. For example, if #3 has an a, b, and c. part, enter “3a” as the number.

The question box is used to record the question which the students are trying to solve. If you would like students to see the question printed in their template, type in the question. You can leave the question box empty if you do not require the question to appear on the template.

In order to add a math equation to your question, select the equation icon. 

You can then select from pre-set expressions and fill in values or use the advanced setting to type your equations in LaTeX.

If you need any help with writing mathematical expressions in LaTeX, the Help section will show how you can type in mathematical expressions such as fractions, exponents, integrals, symbols, and more.

Now it’s time to enter the solution. 

**If there are multiple answers you would accept as correct, enter each one separately. 

Once you add the first question to your assignment, it will look like this:

Continue adding questions until your assignment is complete. If you would like to add questions from past assignments, you can click on the “Add Existing Question” button. This will bring up a list of all past assignments.

You can navigate through your past questions by clicking on the folders to view the questions on a given assignment. When you reach the questions you would like to add, click on them to add them to the new assignment.

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